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The Splendor Of The Stars

Designed by Rebekah Coover

"The splendor of the stars is the beauty of heaven, a glittering array in the heights of Yahweh.

On the orders of the Set Apart One they stand in their appointed places; they never relax in their watches."

Sirach 43:9,10

What a beautiful portion of scripture we have just read here. Let us look at it, and find out its deep meanings.

I see it to say that the glory of the stars makes the heavens beautiful. What is the glory of the stars? Perhaps their twinkling and their light. We also see here that the stars do as Yahweh commands.  Can we learn from the stars?  Ah, yes.

The stars shine at night, doing what Yahweh has designed them to do. Like-wise, we should shine in this nightly world, doing what Yahweh has designed us to do. Let us learn a lesson from the stars.


1. Are you a light for Yahshua?

2. Are you doing as Yahweh wants?

3. Can we learn from the stars?

4. List some things that we can learn from the stars.

5. Is Yahshua happy when we shine for Him?

6. Do the stars fascinate you?



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