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The Importance Of Visual Aids

by Matthew Coover

Why are visual aids so important in the learning process? To begin with, a visual aid helps us to more fully grasp a concept. For example, if we want to know what percentage of people in a community donate to the local second hand shop, we will be able to more easily get an idea if we view some sort of visual aid than if we simply hear the approximate percentages. Visual aids help us to form a clearer picture in our mind of the concept being studied. They also help to eliminate misunderstandings that might otherwise occur. Yahshua used visual aids in his many parables because he knew that the multitudes would more easily understand his teachings if they had a physical visual aid to act as somewhat of a mediator between the precepts of Yahweh and of man. The Bible uses visual aids as well. Upon flipping through the old testament we find all kinds of accounts of the good character of individuals, the mistakes that others made, how they corrected them, and the consequences that they faced as a result. Yahweh knew that visual aids would be an effective tool in the process of shaping mankind's character after His own. He knew that they would help to eliminate doubts and misunderstandings among his people, and help them to understand things the way that he does, Thus, He literally peppered his holy word with these important visual aids. For that matter, the Messiah himself was a visual aid who came to earth to show us the way in which we ought to live, that someday we might reign with him forever. In conclusion, visual aids are so important because they insure that we understand various concepts as we should, they broaden our picture of the world around us, and if we will open our eyes and follow the example of our Master, the best visual aid, we may be assured that we have taken hold of salvation.

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