Yahweh, Yahshua, Torah Of Messiah

Are You Talking Or Walking?

by Matthew Coover

There is a question that all followers of Messiah must ask themselves every now and then. The question is as follows. Am I walking the walk of the Master, Messiah Yahshua, or am I simply talking the word of Messiah?

Through experience, I have noticed that, in the lives of Yahshua's followers", there can be a tendency towards hypocrisy. We, as His Followers, can get so wrapped up in talking about what we should do, and what others should be doing that we tend to forget to get busy and do what we are to be doing. The example that we show to others turns out the opposite of what we want it to, and instead of sowing good seed for the fertile plains of heaven, we sow corrupt and perverted seed for the wastelands of hell.

The Proverbs tell us that even a child is known by his doings, by whether his conduct is pure and right. If this applies to children, it certainly applies to teens, adults, and seniors as well. Where the problem lies is in the fact that so many times a individual can be caught up into the ever so popular trend of being ½/½'. What I mean by this is that instead of doing good, they get caught in the trap of only talking good. Now don't misunderstand me. Of course we want to talk good too, but the individuals I'm speaking of don't walk like they ought to. Their religion goes no deeper than their speech and upon more closely observing such an individual, it is pretty easy to discover that they are not all you once thought them to be. You see, most times it doesn't fool the crowd. You have probably heard people say, "I used to consider being a "Christian", but they turned me off. They never could make up their minds. Said one thing, and did another."

In blunt, but true terms, many of todays so-called "Christians" are following after the Pharisees. This sect from Yahshua's time had all their ordinances down perfect, and as well, they had their ways to get around them down just as perfect, if not better. Legend has it that a Pharisee would tie a bucket of water underneath his wagon to get by with traveling on the Sabbath day, as they had instituted a law that one could only travel when over water on the Sabbath. This is literally the way the Pharisees were.

Take the Pharisee who thanked Yahweh for making him better than the publicans and named off all the 'good' works he had done. It was bold hypocrisy, as he was all talk, and in reality, was worse than the publican next to him who prayed, "Yahweh, be merciful to me, a sinner."

We, the remnant of Yahweh's chosen, must resolve to be followers in word and deed as the scripture tells us. If our hearts are not right with Yahweh, the true Elohim, we will turn ourselves as well as others, from the truth. The scriptures state, "What fellowship hath light with darkness.....". Being thus aware, let us be confident in the fact that our lifestyle coincides with our speech.

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