Yahweh, Yahshua, Torah Of Messiah

The Truth About The Scriptures

A Study On The Apocrypha & Lost Books

by Matthew Coover

CHAPTER ONE:  Introduction

 Apocrypha? Lost books? If you're like the average believer, you're not sure about that of which I speak. Maybe you haven't ever heard of them, but more likely than not, you fall into the category that so many others do. You have probably heard tell of these books; how they are uninspired frauds, foolishness and falsehood, not coinciding with the rest of inspired scripture. Believe me, if you fall into this slot, you are not alone. 99% of believers are right there with you. But before we make any final conclusions, let us get the full perspective into view.

 So what exactly is the Apocrypha and Lost Books?  Although most adamantly reject them from "inspired" or canonical scripture, if they were quizzed on them to any extent, they would be incapable of producing the necessary answers. How dangerous must it be to base our opinions on something we know hardly anything about? It is for this reason that we must look into these books firsthand in an effort to discover the truth.

 A large number of these books have been removed from the scriptures throughout the passage of time. Some of these books include those you may find in the Apocryphal / Deuterocanonical texts, the “Lost Books”, and the Forgotten Books Of Eden. Many of these ancient writings are inspiring and informative, yet they are completely overlooked by a misled public which has been brainwashed into believing that they are nothing but a fraud.

 The Apocrypha was included in it’s entirety between the Old and New Testaments of our present day scriptures little more than 100 years ago.  A number of the writings throughout the “Lost Books” and “Forgotten books of Eden” are included in some of the early manuscripts which have been found by archeologists as well.  Strangely enough, they have been removed, and quite easily forgotten by virtually everyone.

 Before we go any farther, we are faced with a very important point to take into consideration. The Scriptures as we know them today have been compiled by men such as ourselves, with men using their ideas as to what should and should not be included.  If we are truthful with ourselves, we must admit that man is most certainly subject to error.  It is clearly evident that a number of the lost books were removed from scripture due to  errors, false doctrines, or fraudulent material which they contain.  The believer who daily searches the scriptures should find no problem identifying such frauds.  However, a thorough knowledge of Yahweh’s character and commands will also allow the believer to easily recognize the many of these ancient writings which back up scripture, and fill in obviously missing puzzle pieces.  The Apocrypha nowhere contradicts scripture; to the contrast, it contradicts the corrupted form of religion which the present day “church” has chosen to practice.  For those who take the time to consider that which churchianity has deemed as worthless, it becomes clear that many of these ancient writings have been removed from the scriptures because of the profound truth and wisdom which they contain; wisdom of which modern day man does not care to partake.

 Yahshua and his apostles quoted directly from a number of the books included in the Apocrypha, the “Lost Books”, and the Forgotten Books Of Eden. The writers of these books have been such as Ezra and Jeremiah. Yet others are portions which were removed from the middle of the books of Daniel and Esther.  “Why would half of these men's writings be inspired and the other half not?" is the question which you must face. Why would half of their writings be worthwhile and the other half worthless foolishness with no value, either in the spiritual or historical sense? In reality, the answer is that they can not.

Continued In Chapter 2:  Objections Which You May Hear, And How To Answer Them

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