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What Is "Satan's War"?

In response to the poem in the 3rd Quarter 2002 issue of Joy In The World, we recently received the question from a subscriber, "What do you mean by "Satanís War". Our answer is as follows.

In order to fully understand the warfare of Satan, one must first understand the righteous warfare of Yahweh. With the knowledge that Satan is the opposite of Yahweh, we can then easily identify the warfare which Satan fights.

What we will term as "The War Of Yahweh" is the war against evil, the war where we go out to the battlefield of life and find an army of dead and wounded soldiers, and our job is to bring them to recovery and life with the news of salvation through Yahshua Messiah. If a group of wounded soldiers resists us and will not hear the words of healing which we speak, we are to then, as Yahshua said, "kick the dust off of our feet" and continue on to those accepting of help.

On the other hand, participators in "Satan's War" are in effect killing themselves spiritually. Satan's soldiers are they which fight against Yahweh and his principles, in an attempt to exalt mankind and humanism. One becomes enlisted in Satan's army when he refuses to accept and be in obedience to Yahweh's moral code of conduct. The warfare of Satan brings only death through ignorance of and the rejection of Yahweh's scriptures, his principles, and his authority.

While we do not believe in killing our fellow man by participating in carnal warfare, or otherwise, the main focus of the poem in question is not this, but rather the spiritual warfare in which we are soldiers for HaMoshiach Yahshua, participating in the battle for truth.

This nation attempts to bring "justice" upon other countries (which they claim are the killer), when they have yet to remove the logs from their own eyes.  Millions of tiny Americans are being murdered each year by their own families, and it is deemed absolutely legal by America's leaders. Children are corrupted from little on up in the public system which teaches everything under the sun, except what Yahweh has commanded be taught to our offspring. By the time many young people have graduated from this system of corruption, the righteous ideals and morals which they once may have held have long since vanished and they have become victims of the spiritual murderer of our age. The parents have become spiritually brain-dead through corruption in the work force, the turning upside down of scriptural family roles, a lack of interest in the things of Yahweh, and a lack of desire to train the future generations. It is ended with the destruction of the elderly in hospitals, retirement communities, and nursing homes.

Our entire country is being physically & spiritually murdered before it's citizens very eyes. Yet, instead of doing something to stop the massacre, everyone looks on with hate at a country that the news media has brain-washed everyone into believing is our enemy and the cause of our suffering. This is the war of Satan, which is rapidly destroying not only this country, but the entire world.

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