Yahweh, Yahshua, Torah Of Messiah

The Lost Art Of Family Roles

by Matthew Coover


FATHER is to be head of the home, while Mother is to be keeper of the home, and under the authority of her husband (see Scriptural Headship).

Both parents are to be in unity (become one flesh, Matthew 19:5), and are to care for and teach their own children and instruct them in the ways of  Yahweh. (Dt. 4:9, 6:6,7,11:18,19)

The children are to obey to and respect both parents.

The children, in their turn, are to care for the parents in their old age, not turn them over to the retirement/nursing home.  Daycare, public education, and retirement/nursing homes have all been plotted by the Satan himself and are designed to separate, tear down, and ruin the family unit.

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