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Passover 2000 Collection

Our Passover-Unleavened Bread observance this year was spiritually blessed and throughout our time spent fellowshiping with Yahweh, several interesting points were revealed to us. Just in case you would be interested, I felt led to share some of them with you.

According to the following passages Yahshua and his disciples observed the Passover in a specific order.

1. Matthew 14:17-22 - Partaking of the Unleavened bread; Yahshua's broken body.

2. Matthew 26:27-29 - Partaking of the Fruit of the vine; Yahshua's shed blood.

3. John 13:2-17 - Supper being ended - foot-washing service.

4. Mark 14:26 - Went out and sang a hymn.

Consequently, this year we did likewise with the Partaking of the unleavened bread and fruit of the vine, a supper meal, the foot-washing service, and lastly, the singing of a hymn.

Nowadays there is much confusion as to whether or not Passover is the first day of unleavened bread. Many individuals say that Passover is one day in it's self, and then Unleavened Bread follows for seven more days, thus resulting in an eight day feast. They also claim that Passover is not a Sabbath. We do not believe this to be the case, as can easily be shown from the following scriptures that we reviewed this year. If we will only read through the scriptures with an open mind we will readily see that the conclusions of a Passover separated from Unleavened Bread, and a non-rest day Passover are not biblically based.

1. The Jews therefore, because it was the preparation, that the bodies should not remain upon the cross on the Sabbath day, (for that Sabbath day was an high day,) besought Pilate that their legs might be broken, and that they might be taken away. John 19:31

2. Then came the day of unleavened bread when the Passover must be killed. Luke 22:7

3. And the first day of unleavened bread when they killed the Passover, his disciples said unto Him, where wilt thou that we go and prepare that thou mayest eat the Passover? Mark 14:12

4. Now the first day of the feast of unleavened bread the disciples came to Yahshua, saying unto Him, Where wilt thou that we prepare for thee to eat the Passover? Matthew 26:17

5. Now the feast of unleavened bread drew nigh which is called the Passover. Luke 22:1

Throughout the Passover observance this year we had a scripture reading at least once a day for each of the seven days, and this constant fellowship with Yahweh made the whole occasion a blessing.

As well, we all finally broke the soda habit.....for good I believe. At times it had been to the point where one of us always had a Coke or Pepsi in our hand, but now the 69 cent sales are not alluring at all. Instead we say, my that's an expensive price for a bottle of sugar water! Symbolically, this is one more "leaven" that we have eliminated from our lives; a beverage that is full of bubbles!

If you have any more revealings that you wish to share with us, please let us know, and it is our hope that your Passover this year was greatly blessed as well.

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