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Are we only in the world, or are we of the world as well? This is a big question, and it needs a truthful answer. For the most part, Today's "followers of the way" do not appear to take much notice to it's great importance, and they will suffer the results.

Of course we all know that everybody is naturally in the world. Yahweh has put us here, and that is where we belong. He has established an environment in which for us to live, and that is where we stay. He never intended for us to go live on Mars, and so that is why we do not. But being in the world is a totally different story than being of the world. Both are in a way 'natural', but natural is not always right, as we shall soon see.

Yahweh has commanded His remnant to be a people set apart for Him, and for Him only; no one else. In the scriptures He tells us to be a peculiar people, set apart. According to the English language, peculiar means strange, weird, out of the ordinary, or something of the norm. This is exactly what our Elohim wants us to be. Not that He wants us to only look strange to everybody around us, but according to Yahweh's standards, the majority of the world are the ones off their rockers, not the ones who follow Him and only appear 'weird' in the process.

So the next question is: If Yahweh has given us so strict a commandment that we are to be set apart from the majority, how comes so many take so little heed to this command? Well, in reality the answer is quite simple, but at the same time, quite sad. If the truth is to be told, I am afraid that these individuals are not a true follower of Yahweh Elohim at heart. "If ye love me, keep my commandments". That is a statement directly from Yahweh. Is there any denying the fact that is so plainly set before us? No. There is no turning from it or getting around it. It is a statute that we are to obey forever.

Many have directly turned their backs toward the master designer and kicked the dust up in His face. In a world that has turned from it's creator as much as ours, the pressure to conform may at some times seem almost un-bearable. But should that cause us to give in and give up our inheritance with Yahweh? By all means, it should not. Rather, it should cause us to feel the call to stand up for the one true Elohim and face the challenge all the more. Should it not?

The scriptures teach contrary to the popular belief that when one leaves this earth he either goes to Heaven to walk on gold or to Hell to walk on coals. Of course He will still go to either Heaven or Hell, but according to Yahweh's handbook the gift of Yahweh is eternal life while the wages of sin is death. There will no walking around (for which life is needed) in Hell. There is no eternal life for the sinner, and thus, to comform to this world is equal to suicide.

There are two paths in life and we must decide which we will dare to traverse. There is a narrow pathway that leads away from the world and towards the glory of Heaven while to the contrary, there is a wide path which is of the world and leads to the grave. The choice is yours. You may choose whichever one you wish, but only remember that once you have started out on your journey it may be hard to turn around. Many have followed a wide pathway that was desirable to the eye. They have found out that their destiny was not a desirable as it seemed afar off.

As I have said before, The choice is yours. Yahweh has given the decision that will determine your destiny into your hands. You may take whichever way your heart desires, but as for me and my house, we will serve Yahweh. Will you not take your stand and come along with us?

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