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The Mission Of Man

by Matthew Coover

Once the world was a place of beauty. There was no sin. There was only peace and harmony, but that has all changed. This change came about with the fall of mankind. From the moment that Adam and Eve partook of the knowledge of good and evil their sense of purity, morally and physically, was corrupted forever. This is when sin entered the picture, and this trait has been passed down though countless generations, through the centuries, repeatedly corrupting worse and worse until here we are today; in a shameless world of sin and such as destroy the fruits of righteousness.

In The Scriptural aspect of life it has been prophesied many times over that the world should wax worse and worse with each passing year. In the days of the prophets this fact was realized, and the patriarchs mourned this happening, and yet nothing was able to change the scene of things it seemed. From the knowledgable disobedience of the first couple proceeded a multitude of sins, so much so that Yahweh lamented the fact that he had ever created man upon the face of the earth.

By Noah's day, which sadly was not too long after creation, Yahweh became so fed up with man's arrogant, disobedience, and blatant disrespect for His statutes that He sent a flood to destroy THE WHOLE EARTH. Only righteous Noah and His family were saved. And yet, despite the mercy which the creator shewed upon man by not utterly wiping him from planet earth, humankind immediatly began to regress into the old nature, the nature of the devil himself. Thus it has proceded until now, constantly worsening, a boiling volcano on the surface of the earth waiting to explode at any given moment.

The regression of man has also been shown in the scientific viewpoint. Through the decades, many civilations have fallen victim to it's unrelenting grasp, the grasp of death. Great cities and nations have been the focus points of history, and yet today, they repeatedly return to dust along with the inhabitants which dwelt in them. Their ruins stand today as a stark reminder that sin is a destructive force, much more so than any disease, a force powered by Satan himself in an attempt to corrupt the moral and lifstyle of all organisms created in the image of the Creator.

So once again, here we are today. Here we stand in the midst of a world full of sorrow and wickedness. The crime rate increases each year throughout the world. There is more murder, theft, sexual crimes and promiscuity, idle speaking, and violence in general all the time. Everywhere we look people think less of purity, faithfulness, and Yahweh in general. Immorality seems to be the "trend of all time".

And yet the question remains. What is the solution to the big mess that man has created for himself on earth. Is there a way to fix it? Is there a way to instill the life giving words of Yahweh into the minds of all people? There are individuals and organizations alike abounding in the world whose aim is to "change the world", but you know, in reality, mankind does not hold the keys to changing this world. To do so would be the equivalant to holding the keys to the kingdom of Yahweh Elohim, and Yahshua only, retains possesion of those. When we take a realistic approach to life, it is not in our power as followers of the Messiah to fix the world. We cannot instill righteousness and salvation into the hearts and minds of people. This is only up to the Creator. What then shall we do???

We now understand that it isn't up to us to change the world. The reason for this is because of the sinful nature of man. 75% or more of those you meet will not even be interested in hearing Scriptural truths. They would rather believe falsehood. From the 15% that are willing to hear a little something, you will be doing really good if you instill a genuine interest in the Scriptures, all ten of the commandments, Shabbat, the Festival days, food laws, etc etc etc. in 2% of them! Most folks will point blank write you off. We've experienced that time and time again. They DO NOT want to hear it.

Nonetheless, a remnant remains. There are still some out there who have not been totally corrupted with the passing trends of this age. There are still a select few who are willing to listen, and that is why we are to not give up hope, stooping to the level of the heathen. "But be ye not conformed to the world, but be yet transformed by the renewing of your minds...." That is why we are to continue ahead full steam in the uphill battle for truth.

In this world of sorrow, sickness, and sin we have been given a mission. This mission is to spread the joyful news of salvation to the four corners of the earth. At times our duty in life seems to almost overwhelm us. It seems like an unreachable goal. People ridicule us, persecute us, and possibly even seek to take our lives. At times we may get to feeling that it is useless when blind souls cast us away. Yahweh forbid that we do such. We are commanded that if they shall not hear us, to kick the dust from our feet and turn to those willing to listen. Listeners ARE out there and we are to be seeking them out.

Our ministry is small. This is because we are only interested in those interested in full submission to Yahweh. The huge organizations of today seek to draw in the pleasure seeking crowd, and the same creates their ranks. However, their "ministry" is worthless as it is only serving their father, being the devil. We are serving our father, and He has dominion over the devil and all of his followers. It is for this reason that the things small in this world are the things great in Heaven.

Millions of people are lost in a world of sin today. WE MUST GO HELP THEM. It is up to us to do. We must remove the sorrow from those who are really interested in truth and with the help of Yahweh, must grant to them "a joy which no man taketh away".

Join us today and support this ministry for Yahweh. Please give our name and address to anyone you feel would be genuinely interested in true joy, but do not stop here. Speak to them YOURSELF that you might bear fruit for the reign of Yahweh. If someone is searching for joy, for the sake of Yahweh Elohim himself, please show them the way.

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