Yahweh, Yahshua, Torah Of Messiah


by Matthew Coover

So the topic of discussion is "JOY"? It seems simple enough at a glance, but that is where the problem lies. We must look deeper into a subject where all to many only scan the surface, and that is what I intend to do today.

When much thought is not put into the matter it is easy to conclude that joy is a simple one-sylable word that means happiness, or something of the like. However, there is much more in store for us if we will only take the time to look. Joy is not as simple as it may seem.

In life there are two kinds of joy. One is the joy that comes when one caters to the flesh and carnal nature with the many thrills of the day. This type of joy can be defined as simply "happiness" or "pleasure", and brings the soul no solid foundation.

The other type of joy comes from serving Yahweh. This type is very different from the first. While the joy of the world will quickly fade into restlesness and un-satisfaction of the soul, the joy of Yahweh lasts forever. It will never fade, but instead, it grows brighter and stronger as the years go by. Yahweh has foretold that upon coming into His body of believers all sorrow will be washed away, and we shall be filled with the joy of the gospel message; the knowledge that He will transform our life and fill us with an unquechable joy and a desire to spread the good news to others.

While so many are full of the world's blend of joy, so many are lacking in the true joy that ought be filling the empty void in their life. To often we do not think deeply enough on where we stand & are not careful as to build on a solid foundation. Oftentimes we seemingly forget to check our footing, but I am made to wonder if this "forgetfulness" is purely accident, or is it maybe intentional?

The world has a natural draw to mankind and we can easily become engulfed in the bubble of artificial joy. However, this bubble will soon pop, and our peaceful world will be shattered. In order to overcome we must be well grounded in the word, standing firmly on the rock, with Yahweh as the guardian of our souls. This soloution will save us a world of sorrow and pain. It will grant us life, and a bright future. If you feel the joy you have experienced thus far is not filling the inner yearning of your soul, try Yahshua and experience the Joy Of Yahweh at it's fullest!

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