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Some Helpful Words On Humor
Given to Rivqah Yahsepha (a.k.a. Rebekah Coover)
(written 11/13/03 - 12/04/2003)
Shabbat Message for 5/1/2004
from JoyInTheWorld.info
    "Oh, why did I say that?" you groan.  "I was just trying to be funny, but he didn't take it so well."  Why didn't he?  Maybe you (and I) need some helpful words on humor.  First of all, let's see what the Scripture has to say about "being funny".  1 Timothy 3:2.  "A bishop then must be... sober..."  vs. 8  "Likewise the deacons grave..."  vs. 11. "Even so must their wives be grave... sober"  Okay, so we see that seriousness matters to Yahweh.  But... there are times to be happy, funny, etc., aren't there?  Phil. 4:5.  "Let your moderation be known unto all."  If you can't stop laughing, you shouldn't start laughing.  The key is using moderation in everything we do.  We don't want to be too serious, and neither do we want to be too silly.  There needs to be a balance.  When knitting, all the knitting needles in the world  wouldn't  profit us it there was no yarn.  And the other way around wouldn't work either.  While joy is nice (Prov. 15:13,15) and also sorrow/seriousness (Eccl. 7:4), there needs to be the proper amount of both things.  Now what kind of humor should we have?
1.  Ecclesiastes 7:6.  We do not want to be foolish and uncontrolled.  While having fun, we must be careful to be sensible.
2.  Proverbs 17:22.  Our laughter and fun should be profitable and uplifting.  Some kinds of teasing can splash some joy into a brother's path; some kinds can simply annoy our brothers.  Some laughter can lift us up and give us a light happy feeling; while uncontrolled, foolish,  out-of-order goofing just bothers everyone and makes us look foolish.
3.  Ephesians 5:4.  Foolish talking and jesting (joking about unlaughable things) are grouped right in with filthiness.  I would say that "foolish talking" does not include occasional silliness (that is kept in control), but rather out-of-order, uncontrolled talking, and being or behaving like a fool; also, not taking anything serious.
4.  Proverbs 15:13.  We are to be joyful and merry of heart.  Proverbs 15:15-16.  A person who is joyful in a proper sense continually shares his joy with others, rejoices in what he has (whether it be little or much), and looks up to Yahweh in respect.
5.  Leviticus 19:14.  Making fun of, cursing, and hurting others when they can't prove that it was us who did it is very improper fun.  This would also include saying vile things behind others' backs.
6.  Proverbs 26:18,19.  To deceive our neighbors, family, etc, and then to say, "I was only playing", when things get sticky; or to deceive someone "just for the fun of it" is immoral fun.
Okay, let's review our DO's and DON'T's.
Improper fun:
    1.  Being a fool.
    2.  Foolish talking.
    3.  Jesting (joking about unlaughable things)
    4.  Making fun of people / hurting people "for fun" (Leviticus 19:14)
    5.  Lying "for fun" (Proverbs 26:18,19)
Proper fun:
    1.  Being incessantly joyful, creating a happy satisfied atmosphere (Proverbs 15:13,15)
    2.  Having a healthy / healing sense of humor and joy (Proverbs 17:22)
    3.  Being happy and feeding the flame of joy and thankfulness no matter what our circumstances (Proverbs 15:15,16)
    4.  Fearing Yahweh, thus being careful to have pure fun (Proverbs 15:15,16)
    These are wonderful standards to live by.  An important thing to remember is that we don't want to be fools.  One meaning of "folly" (as used in Proverbs 15:21) is "thoughtless speech".  Let's be careful to think before we say, to make sure Yahweh is smiling down, nodding approval before we move forward.
    Shabbat Shalom!
    A special thanks to Yahweh.  You've provided such wonderful insight and instruction for our lives.  Thank-You so much.
    And thank-you to Christian Light Publications for the wonderful Scripture verses on this topic, listed in your Language Arts 1102 answer key.  I almost missed them.  Thank-you so much for the help.
    Thank-you thank-you, Dad and Mom, for teaching me at home, and also for using alot of CLP curriculum.

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