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Too Hebraic?

by bro. MattithYAH

Is there such a thing as being too Hebraic? This teaching exposes the mixed-up mess of being "anti-Semetic", revealing just how numerous Semites really are, and provides clarity on the Hebraic path we must tread to arive at the ultimate goal.

Some time ago a website visitor shared their concern that the Hebrew terminology which was found there (and which now abounds there) may be a turnoff to some. Without a doubt, "Mother anti-Semetic", and her harlot daughters (anti-Hebraics) have been at work throughout much of History. The irony is that the Semetic people group includes far more than the Yahudim (Jews) which everyone wants to seperate themselves from! Ya'aqob (Jacob) was certainly Semetic, and He had twelve Semetic sons, whereof the twelve tribes of Yisrael were birthed. At the split of the Reign under Solomon's son, Rehoboam, the tribes of Yahudah and BinYahmin formed the Southern Kingdom of Yahudah (Judah); the other ten forming the Northern Kindom of Yoseph, or Ephrayim. In the course of time. Yahudah was carried in the Babylonian captivity, and now many are returning to A PORTION of the land of Yisrael. Ephrayim was in contrast, dispersed as Semetic goyim (gentiles) among the nations, and now compose the very mass of individuals which boast in being anti-Semetic, knowing neither what they say, nor who they themselves are!

If we can bear the surprise however, it by no means stops here. Upon studying the ancient kingdom of Babylon (founded by Nimrod) in an avereage encyclopedia, we discover that the Babylonians were also a Semetic people! Wonder of all wonders, the Ephraimites arise today with their identity called the "ch-rch", indeed the "abomination of desolation" mentioned by Daniel and Moshaich, and built by the messenger of lawlesness himself. Into the lawless mold of the "Holi Kirke" (directly pagan form of "Holy Church"), has then been poured a soupy mixture of customs carried straight from ancient Semetic Babylon into the modern Semetic Babylon. The participants are meanwhile hurtling along their destructive journey, completely unaware of who they are, and the judgement which they are bringing upon themselves, both through their actions of lawlessness, and through their mixed-up claims of being "anti-Semetic"!

For us, it has been a lifetime process, coming out of this Babylon, and our Exodus has increased by leaps and bounds in the past several years. In fact, it amounts to far more than mere Hebraic references over our website; it is a mighty working of Yahweh in the heart. We ourselves have much more of a Hebrew mindset than we did several years ago, and the various people and resources which we have come into contact with throughout the past several years (many of which you can now obtain through links on our website) have been an unestimatable blessing. Indeed, the further that we have "departed from Egypt", the more distant the world becomes, and the closer we draw near to Yahweh and His body of the true talmidim, the taught ones of Moshiach Yahshua.

When you start out on such a journey, the first thing you say is, "My, this is going to be a real turnoff, and nobody is going to be interested anymore!" In fact though, it doesn't work exactly that way. There are naturally some which decide to move elsewhere in their search, but sadly, they don't end up getting anywhere except back where they came from. This is because searching amongst the mighty ones of the world will procure no real results, for false mighty ones abound in the world, and the environment into which you must travel to find them is like a maze. Those who choose that route invariably do either one of two things; 1) Continue searching in circles, thereby getting nowhere, or 2) Recline into the world's easychair of set-doctrine, thereby getting nowhere once again. In these troublesome times however, many are realizing the hopelessness of the world and the need to turn to something better. Yahweh is bringing a mighty revival upon His people, calling them out of the world to a closer walk with Himself, and contrary to what may appear "probable", the amount of interest and requests generated from the JoyInTheWorld.info website have INCREASED upon the addition of Yahweh's name and other such Hebrew terminology!

We ask ourselves the question, "Why?". The answer which we have found is that if Yahudah is to accept the Moshiach, it will not be through America's counterfeit Chr-stian religion, or her mis-representation of the Moshaich, but through complete submission to the Torah (instruction) of Yahweh, which leads to the true Moshaich and everlasting salvation. This indeed appears quite foreign and "Hebraic" in contrast to the world of corruption which surrounds us, but then we must ask ourselves the question of which is foreign and which is original? Ephrayim (Chr-stianity), with their many pagan influences and pitfalls is certainly not orignal, and therefore can neither support, nor create a pure, orignal belief. Yahweh has given His Torot (instruction) directly to us in the Scriptures, and why so many continue searching after they land in Chr-stianity is because Yahweh's guidance and instruction has been excluded from it's consitution.

Put quite simply, we will not change the world, nor will we eradicate the "anti-truth" trends which circle like buzzards on the wind, but they will change us and devour us as fast as we allow our souls to decay. Time is ticking on, determined by the clock in the Master's hand, and the only path of life is to "flee to the mountians"; to DEPART from the "tower of Babel" and her legacy of death; to change OUR OWN outlook and possess Truth by earnestly seeking after it. Yahweh is a mighty El, and His Mighty Arm was outstreched 2000 years ago, and continues to work in a mighty way throughout these troubled and trying times. May we participate as laborers in the vineyard that we may release others from the grip of falsehood today, and the winepress of Yahweh's wrath in the near future.

-Bro. MattithYAH

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