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Drama: What Does Yahweh Say?

by Matthew Coover

In the modern and sophisticated age in which we live, we see an increasing interest in satisfying the physical, carnal, and worldly interests of mankind. Men are no longer content to have faith in that which they cannot see. They turn instead to the visual and earthly elements, in a futile attempt to satisfy the empty void of their souls.

Mankind will go to any measure to find seeming fulfilment, even if the result of his search is a mere counterfeit. When he has become dissatisfied with Yahweh’s methods, he then turns to his own devices, but not without paying a costly price.

There is an innate sense of right and wrong in the heart of every man. Because of this, when one ventures outside of the guidelines which Yahweh has established, he no longer experiences true peace and fulfilment. In order to block out the visions of truth, he must attempt to replace them with something else. In his perverted mind, man believes that he has found the solution: To replace the sobriety of righteousness with the thrill of entertainment. Drama serves to fill the purpose quite well.

Noah Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of The English Language describes drama as follows: "A poem or composition representing a picture of human life, and accommodated to action. The principal species of the drama are tragedy and comedy; inferior species are tragi-comedy, opera."

In order for drama to exist there must be individuals which will act out the poem or composition. The 1828 dictionary describes this as follows.

To act is "To perform; to represent a character on the stage. To feign or counterfeit. To put in motion; to actuate; to regulate movements." Acting means "Doing; preforming, behaving, or representing the character of another."

In American culture, there are many times Yahweh’s followers will be exposed to drama of one sort of another. Consequently, we should know how Yahweh expects us to deal with the situation.

For many, drama is an important and exciting thing. Recently, many believers have come to accept it as well, but there are others which still have reservations. If we have the questions, Yahweh has the answers. Let us study the facts with an open mind and a heart to do Yahweh’s will.

There are several theories of how acting and drama came into existence. From such, we can obtain knowledge about the nature of acting its self.

  • The first suggests that it developed from ancient religious ceremonies in which the priests would act out the parts of their pagan deities in order to obtain their favor
  • The second suggests that drama was born when songs were sung at the grave of a hero, and their heroic deeds acted out, which in time became plays.
  • The third and final theory suggests that in ancient storytelling, the events were dramatized while a story was being told.

While all the above are historically correct, the first is where the roots of drama began, and some religious cultures continue to carry the tradition on today. Drama has entered the lives of Yahweh’s followers much the way X-mas and other pagan holidays have. How much association should we really have with ancient religious festivities held to pagan deities? In order that we may obtain a fuller perspective, let us go on.

Most drama is created and preformed in order to amuse the audience. On the other hand, the Yahweh’s scriptures instruct us to be sober minded.

Yahshua also warned his followers against the hypocrisy of the Pharisees and Scribes. In all drama there will be both good and bad characters. In order to act out a play or skit, there must be actors and actresses for both the righteous and evil characters in the play. Worse yet, in some movies, the last will be all that applies. When a follower of Yahweh plays the part of the evildoer, they are being a hypocrite and taking the name of Yahweh in vain by playing an evil part. To do so under the name of Yahshua is to present ones life as an unholy offering to a holy Elohim.

It may be argued that it is still acceptable for Yahweh’s followers to play righteous parts. However, this argument is with flaw, if we take into consideration a movie on the life Yahshua. The son of Yahweh was the most righteous to ever walk this earth, and yet whoever plays his part is actually blaspheming the Messiah. If it is wrong to play the part of Yahshua, how can it be considered acceptable to play the part of a sinful man?

As noted earlier, drama appears in one or a combination of two forms. In the form of comedy, drama is not always hilarious, but neither is it serious. The intention is to gain a laugh from the audience. In the form of tragedy, we must remember that Yahweh’s followers are to wish evil upon no man. Needless to say, this is what begins to happen when believers are sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for the next gruesome scene to be displayed.

Acting is quite plainly deception. It is pretending you are something that you are not, and this is breaking Yahweh’s commandments.

To watch sin is no better. Yahweh’s scripture reads, "I will set no evil thing before mine eyes". And again, "Redeem the time, for the days are evil". To sit and be entertained is to waste the precious years Yahweh has allotted to us. To watch or participate in drama is to live by teachings other that those found in scripture. As imitators of the Messiah, should we be neither watching, nor participating in activities which he would not take part in if he were here in the flesh today.

Yes, the world is head over heels into drama, and why not, for it is a multibillion dollar industry. The "viewing boxes" (tv) in almost every American home are filled with it. Most videos are built upon it as well. Without it, the theaters and film producers would be out of business. The "harmless" little skits we watch in Yahweh’s house of prayer are drama as well. But just because the world does it..., and just because the church does it..., just because everyone else does it does not make it right. It is still wrong, and you do not have to do it along with them. When we choose to follow Yahweh’s directions, all things are to become new. What a fix we would be in if Yahweh decided to give in and just do everything the world was doing! If this is not acceptable for the founder of our faith, how is it any more acceptable for his followers?

Sure, if we do not accept everything in the world we will be ridiculed, but Yahshua taught that we would be scoffed at and hated by all men for His sake. Is that really too high a price to pay for eternal life?

Acting is not just the innocent game and simple amusement that is made out to be. In the long run, it will hurt you as well as others. It will corrupt the mind and destroy your spiritual life and relationship with Yahweh, which is the most fatal way anything can harm you. It has closed many an eye to the light of life, as it has introduced them of the darkness and abominations of this evil age.

Take a look around you, at the popular movie stars and the empty lives which they live. Each day they draw nearer to the destruction that awaits in the shadows of Hollywood’s spotlights, allured by the empty and vain glory which they delight in. Take notice to the lightening speed at which the world is going downhill, and choose this day to take your stand among the elect of Yahweh. May we find real fulfilment and joy in what Yahweh’s scriptures affirm to be right.

This article was based on another article first printed in the 4th quarter ‘99 issue of Joy In The World, entitled, "Is Acting OK?"

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