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After Death, Thy Destiny

Just recently there was a crash down on a racetrack in Florida. In this crash a man was killed. You may have heard of him. Most have it seems. His name was Dale Earnhardt. The day he was killed thousands were cheering him on across the country, thousands who wanted him to win the race. However, something went wrong. Something went wrong which caused him not to win. Because of this accident he will never win another race because this accident claimed his life. Thousands mourned his departure from this earth. The newspapers all advertised his death to make sure that everyone knew about it, and the exact way in which it happened. When it all boils down to it though, one thing cannot be changed. This man will never live on this earth again. He lost trying to win. He died trying to win.

It's a sobering thought in reality how quickly this life can pass from us. one moment it is here, and the next it is gone, never to return. Even more sobering though is the fact that so many when they die are not ready to go. Take Dale for example. I do not know his spiritual life, but I can speculate about it, and my speculations can probably come pretty close to accurate. He devoted his life to trying to win, but was he pointing his goal in the right direction? Was he striving for the eternal, or the physical which is here today and tomorrow gone with the wind. What good is his fame to him now? No good. What can it accomplish now that he is dead? Nothing. Does it help him on his way to heaven? No. Then what good was his fame?

You see, it's not just fame that matters. In fact, there are many things that matter much more, such as our relationship with Yahshua, our spiritual achievements and successes, our character, our reputation in Yahweh's eyes. Sadly though, many do not strive for these things. The would rather go for the earthly prize like Dale. In the end they lose, and in the end they die.

All men die at some point. It is inevitable. This is the way the creator has made us...mortal, compared to His immortality. However, for the follower of Yahshua, this is not the end of the road. Yahweh promises eternal life which will last forever. As the flower of the field fadeth and as the grass of the field withereth and passeth away, thus is man. As Yahweh eternal, greater than the universe or anything our minds can comprehend, thus is eternal life and the Master of it. Thus can be our destiny if we will turn our goals in that direction. In reality it is an easy thing to do, but for so many it is so hard. It means giving up ones earthly esteem and honor, as such is really nothing in eternity's light. It involves a full dedication of our life to an immortal, almighty higher being. It needs a full devotion to something better than all earthly esteem can offer, and yet for many it is so hard... too hard... impossible.

Hmmm. Let's see. Yahshua told us a parable about a rich fool. He had everything he could want here on earth. He said to himself something like this, "I am rich and have everything I could ever want. I shall tear down my barns and build newer and better ones. I have all I could ever need, so when I am at the top, I shall take mine ease and be merry". And yet, with all the earthly goods that this rich man had, Yahweh saith unto him, "Thou FOOL! This night thy very life shall be required of thee."

If only so many would open their eyes to truth before it is too late. Many have not learned as such. They serve as countless examples that today's people should be learning from, and yet they do not. Their eyes are as blind to the past as they are to the future. Their vision is obscured in a hazy cloud of human esteem, esteem which soon passes away.

Friend, You could die tonight, and where would you go? I do not know the answer to this question. It is known only by you and Yahweh. If you are truthful with yourself you have a chance to enter the reign of Yahweh.   If you are not truthful with yourself, Yahweh has still given you this chance, but your pride will not allow you to accept it, and you will die in your sins. Learn from the mistakes of those before you and learn to set your goals not on earthly things, but rather on things above. In this manner you may save other's from a life of carnality and no-purpose, and you will save yourself from a multitude of sorrows.

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