Yahweh, Yahshua, Torah Of Messiah

College And The Believer

by Matthew Coover

In this modern age that we live in, almost everyone it seems, wants to make sure that they get their college degree, but a question that we all must ask our selves is, "Is college necessary?". Some decide to attend secular Colleges and Universities, while others choose to attend a "Religious" one. Then there are others who decide to take home college courses. Which is the best way? As Followers, which way should we choose? Should we choose any of the above ways?

Let's just say that we want to learn carpentry or plumbing. Must we go to College in order that we learn this trade? No. It is unnecessary as we can simply learn from a plumber of carpenter himself through an apprenticeship, or something of the sort. Oh! I see. You want to be a doctor. But must you attend a college, or can you take a home course.

Why go to a college when you don't have to? Why put yourself in a potential danger zone? The way colleges are set up is totally un-scriptural. All the young people leave home and learn together. In order to get a college grant, you cannot live with your parents. We are told that Colleges help you to meet others with the same interests as you. We are told that they create friendships that last a lifetime, but are those friendships going to be the right friendships? The problem lies in the fact that many who attend the so-called "Christian College" are not followers of Messiah.

Gather all the facts before making the decision to attend College. Is necessary? Is it Scriptural? Will it enhance your relationship with Yahweh, or pull you from him? Would Yahshua attend that world famous university? Look to Yahweh Elohim for the answers for that is the only way that you can make a truly good decision.

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