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Courtship And Betrothal

by Matthew Coover

SADLY enough, the world has set it's own guidelines for human conduct, and among these is the recent trend of “dating”. Contrary to popular opinion, dating prepares young people FOR DIVORCE, not marriage.  It is truly the breeding ground for adultery. All it takes is a look around at the world and the “church”.  This abominable sin has crept in with such stealth that it can now be found most anywhere, and nobody even seems to be alarmed!

It is not necessary for young people to have multiple partners of the opposite sex in order to have a successful marriage. For an ideal marriage, the multiple partners must go out the door. Dating creates the “broken heart syndrome”. Two people give each other their hearts and “The two become one” However the next thing you know, they have separated and each is left with only half a heart because they have left the other half with the other person. Because of this destructive process, our young peoples' hearts become smaller and smaller. When they finally marry, they have no heart left to give their spouse, and this is why divorce is so often the sad result.

Anyone who teaches that impurity is acceptable in youth is directly ignoring  Yahweh  and looking for big time problems with their children. One who does not strive for purity in youth will not strive for purity in old age or anywhere in between. Many seem to think that if they are not married, they are not held to as strict of a standard, but this is by no means true!

Scriptural courtship and betrothal consists of a “hands off” relationship between two individuals of the opposite sex, who are anticipating marriage. If the relationship is not in preparation for marriage, then it should not even exist. The scriptures read, "Therefore shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.". (Gen.2:24, Mt.19:5, Mk.10:6-8). They clearly do not give allowance for temporary relationships between men and women.

When getting to know each other, many young people want to get off on their own, and quite often, this is what leads to temptation. It is not necessary for our young people’s actions to be behind closed doors, for with purity as the ultimate goal, there is nothing to hide.

With  Yahweh  as the leader and lawgiver, One man + One woman = 1 Marriage which is blessed with the fruits of righteousness. A website which you may want to check out is www.boldchristianliving.com. Although we do not agree with 100% of the views presented over this website, you can find much valuable information.

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