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America Is Not A Christian Nation

Since Sept. 11, I have noticed many vehicles with "God Bless America" on them. My question is this: Why should [Elohim] bless America?

The [Scriptures] say, "Blessed is the nation whose [Elohim] is [Yahweh]."

America's [elohim] (that which we worship and adore) is certainly not [Yahweh] but rather money, **********, power, sports, our rights and freedoms, entertainment, recreation, etc. America is full of sin and [Yahweh] doesn't bless sin; he curses it.

The church, defined as being blood bought, sanctified, spirit filled, unashamed, redeemed and holy (and most churches don't meet this requirement) needs to realize that America is not a Christian nation as it once was.  (Editor's Note:  Or was it ever... really?)

"For too long the world has been changing the church. We need to declare the time has come for the church to change this world.

"The world has seen it's share of fleshly demonic counter culture revolutions." We need to declare a [Yahshua HaMoshiach] counter culture revolution.

We need to declare war on the fear of man, materialism, greed, **********, love of this world and addiction to sports, entertainment and fashion.

It is time to be addicted to the love of [Elohim] and the work of [Elohim]." (Revolution, Dr. Michael Brown). By life or by death we will serve the [Yahweh]. Radical, isn't it?

--The Rev. Stuart Payne, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

   Reprinted from the Wednesday, June 19, 2002 edition of the Public Opinion, page 13A

(Editor's Note:  The Following terms were restored throughout this article:  Yahweh in replacement of God and Lord; Elohim in replacement of God; Yahshua in replacement of Jesus; and Messiah in replacement of Christ.)

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