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The Ten Commandments In School?

by Wayne Schatzle, http://biblicalcenter.org

In the aftermath of the tragedy of the shooting in the high schools, many are now taking a serious look at our failures of present day parenting.

One such effort to rectify the moral decline in our young is a movement to install the Ten Commandments in our schools. I personally like the idea, yet it would present several problems for most Americans. First, it would be necessary to legally establish that this is indeed a nation that recognizes the [Elohim] of Abraham, Jacob, and Moses AND His code of righteousness. That we acknowledge that [Yahweh] has AUTHORITY over us and we accept OUR part of the covenant that is attached to those laws. Secondly, we must not only hang those tablets on the wall as just another stone idol, but we must try our best to KEEP those laws, not our children only, but the PARENTS as well. Thirdly, major overhauls must take place in our "Christian" denominations. Most are thinking with their heart by wanting the commandments in place and forgetting that most churches today believe, as an article of faith, that the law is "done away" and trying to obey anything would be some sort of insult to their "faith".

There is some rather creative language used to give the appearance of seeking [Yahweh], all the while showing contempt for what He says. One commentator characterized the 10 commandments posting as a last ditch effort by the, all but dead, 30 year old "Moral Majority" movement who has tried in vain to instill character apart from adherence to [Yahweh’s] law. I would suggest that before a person joins any movement to put the 10 commandments anywhere, they first consider putting them where [Yahweh] intended them to be in the first place - in your HEART, and find out exactly what your church does believe about the Law. [Yahweh’s] law is [pure], the commandments [set apart] and just and good, and any organization that does not teach that should be avoided [Matthew 5: 17-20].

Yes, time is ripe for reform, not only in our schools, but our individual lives. Listen, no one can spot a hypocrite faster than our children. We cannot simply post a picture of a couple slabs of stones and expect a miraculous change in the minds of our young people. We must honor [Yahweh] by showing obedience to Him as an example for our children to follow.

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Written by Wayne Schatzle, Director, Freedom Biblical Information Center P.O. Box 1806, West Chester OH 45071 http://biblicalcenter.org freeinfo7@juno.com

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