Yahweh, Yahshua, Torah Of Messiah

Wisdom of Solomon 13:1-9

1 For all people who were ignorant of Yahweh were foolish by nature; and they were unable from the good things that are seen to know the one who exists, nor did they recognize the artisan while paying heed to his works. 2 but they supposed that either fire or wind or swift air, or the circle of the stars or turbulent water, or the luminaries of heaven were the elohims that rule the world. 3 If through delight in the beauty of these things people assumed them to be elohims, let them know how much better than these is their Master, for the author of beauty created them. 4 And if people were amazed at their power and working, let them perceive from them how much more powerful is the one who formed them. 5 From the greatness and beauty of created things comes a corresponding perception of their Creator. 6 Yet these people are little to be blamed, for perhaps they go astray while seeking Yahweh and desiring to find him. 7 For while they live among his works, they keep searching, and they trust in what they see because the things that are seen are so beautiful. 8 Yet again, not even they are to be excused; 9 for if they had the power to know so much that they could investigate the world, how did they fail to find sooner the Master of these things?

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