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The Cursed Ape?

We recently, in the 7/11/01 edition of The Shippensburg Sentinel, saw a picture of a monkey with horns and a pitchfork with the words above:  "The Cursed Ape".  It then read as follows...

"Medieval Christians regarded monkeys and apes as synonymous with the devil.  Their only sin was that they resembled humans.  To Christians they were looked on as a caricature of a human being, thus a mockery of men and women and a CREATURE OF THE DEVIL.  As late as the 16th century, Martin Luter used the words "apes" and "demons" interchangeably.  Fortunately the usage was short lived."

Below is an editorial on the subject written by Mama and Matthew Coover

Today the scientists tell us that man came from monkeys, who used to be regarded as the devil. I imagine Satan delights in so many actually BELIEVING such a lie. In effect, it's a way of saying we came from the devil.

Indeed there are alot of people walking around for whom the description "creatures of the devil" seems to fit well. But we all came from, or were created by a perfect and loving Elohim, being Yahweh, (not the devil), man after his kind and animal after it's kind. It's only through the deceitfulness of the lust of the flesh that some have DE-VOLVED into creatures of the devil.

It's not the ape who is cursed - it's man... and the curse is sin.

The dictionary gives one definition for the word "scientist" as a possessor of knowledge as distinguished from a possessor of ignorance and misunderstanding. We've definitely done a "good for evil" and "evil for good" to that one in the last century! Yahweh's word tells us that many people will be destroyed for lack of (real) knowledge. "Science fiction" is defined as fiction (something not real or made up) dealing principally with the impact of actual of IMAGINED science (knowledge) upon society or individuals. Do you get where I'm heading? Do you need an example of science fiction? "Monkeys are representative of the devil (so "they" used to say) and now "they" tell us that man came from the monkey." Sounds like the makings for another bad movie... what should we call it... perhaps CHIMPANZEEC PARK????? And I wonder when they're going to start telling us that contrary to the old myth that the forbidden fruit was an apple... that it was REALLY a banana?

(Forgive us, but it's hard not to have a little fun with this)

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