Yahweh, Yahshua, Torah Of Messiah

First Corinthians Thirteen

rewritten by an 11 year old subscriber

(names of Yahweh and Yahshua restored throughout)

If I know every language and don't have love, I am like an irritating cymbal.

Even if I have brought many people to Yahweh or even tossed Mount Everest into the ocean and don't have love, it is vain.

And even if I give my bike, computer, and the dog to someone who needs them and even give my life as a missionary, and don't have love, IT IS WORTHLESS!

Love is patient with a sibling who is always poking or pinching and is even kind to them. It doesn't even envy a brother who has more free time.

It is not proud of having the best bike in the neighborhood.

Love is not silly when memorizing Yahweh's word

Love let's [my brother] play with my things and doesn't get mad when he doesn't ask permission first and it won't hold a grudge.

Love won't rejoice when [my brother] does something bad and has to wash dishes for me, but it rejoices in helping him.

It does not broadcast when [my brother] take my things and it looks for the good in him. It endures teasing.

True love never stops loving even if the person hates them or if the have not seen them in years. Prophesies, tongues, and knowledge will pass, but love stands forever.

We don't know everything about Yahweh's word. In fact, we know only a fraction of it, but when Yahshua comes we will know everything.

When I was little I loved with eros and phileo love but now I am older and I am learning to show agape love.

We will never know true love until we face the true lover.

I don't know the hidden motives of my heart but when I see Yahshua, I will know them all.

There are three qualities a follower of Yahshua should have: Faith, Hope and Love, but in Yahweh's eyes, the most important is LOVE.

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