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Bread And Butter Parable

by Matthew Coover

The harder the butter the softer the bread on which to spread it. Ever thought about that before? Have you ever contemplated all that can be contemplated about that simple little statement?

Well if you're like most of us, you've probably noticed that when you're in a hurry and butter your toast with butter straight from the refrigerator without taking the time to pop in into the microwave for a few minutes, that you end up with a pretty flat piece of bread with some pretty hard butter chunks mashed into it. But it goes deeper than this.....much deeper as a matter of fact.

Have you ever noticed that when things don't seem to be going your way; when as a matter of fact, everything just seems to be going wrong, that lots of times that's when you have to just give up your way and let Yahweh have His? Your wants quickly soften and blur into an invisible dream because you realize that you're not going to get them anyway. But it goes still deeper than this as you will see.

Have you ever noticed that the softer your butter is, the bread you're spreading it on somehow seems increasingly harder? Our lives compare to this as well. Too many times we take for granted the "soft butter blessings" that Yahweh sends to us. His mercies are too often met with a hardened expression of ingratitude as we go merrily along our way, hardly caring that our Almighty Father has graciously provided another gift to another individual sheep in His fold.

Let us learn from something as simple as bread and butter. Let us be thankful for whatever comes our way, for in the grave, there is NO butter, only dry crusts of bread.



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