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A Husband's Love

This story was sent to me by Mrs. Steve (Lisa) S. Thank-you, Lisa.

"I don't exactly remember where I heard this story but I've never forgotten it. As the mother of both sons and daughters, it is a lesson on love that we often discuss." Lisa

There once was a young married couple who were quite unhappy. Oh, the young wife had been happy at first. She tried to be a [sweet] little wife and obey the Scriptural command to obey her husband. And all her little chores and deeds were done with warmth and love and joy. However, her husband became more cold and cranky each and every day. His unhappiness spilled out from him to those all around him, especially onto his sweet wife. he became very stern and strict, demanding complete obedience, reminding his wife that it was commanded in Ephesians 5:22-24, always stopping one verse short of the command for husbands to love their wives.

Each morning this man left his wife with a very large list of chores and tasks to be done perfectly before he returned home each night. Often the lists contained more things than her time allowed. But she always got the list done, fearing his wrath if she didn't. Their home was neat, clean, organized, but void of love, joy, and affection.

This continued for many years. One day her husband died. After her initial shock and grief wore off she returned to the daily routine keeping the house and yard in order. A few years later she met another nice man at a [Scripture] study. Fearing another harsh marriage with this man she paid him no attention. But he determined to win her affections. He often shared Scripture verses with her, brought her flowers, pretty pictures and gifts, but mostly he prayed for her. Over time he won her heart and eventually they married. They were both very happy, but deep inside her was the fear and expectation that this new husband would become cold and cranky and demanding. As the time passed her fears subsided as they fell into a pleasant daily routine.

A very long, long time later her job one day fell to cleaning the attic. She found some very old boxes from her first marriage. Inside that box hidden in between some important papers was one of those lists of things to do her first husband gave her. So many memories flooded her. Deep sorrow and sadness for his unhappy life. For back then her lists were so long and hard. Her fuel for each day being fear and weariness. Be she now realized that every day she accomplished SO MUCH MORE and now she was pretty old too. This time though her fuel for each day was love and joy and warmth. She realized she loved serving her new husband and when she performed each task it was with a smile. She wondered how so much love could grow between one man and wife. She decided it grew a speck at a time with each smile, each kind word, each hug, each flower, each laugh. And so each speck adds up and after time you've got a pretty [big] pile of them.

That night after making his favorite dinner, they held hands and watched the sunset.

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