Yahweh, Yahshua, Torah Of Messiah

A Broken Will

A broken will is cast at the feet of Yahshua only to move when directed. A broken will is a snapped twig, a dry branch without life of it's own, it has been broken. A broken will is perfected in love, trusting it's breaker to farther crush it until it is no more. A broken will cannot, will not stand on it's own, it is cast on the shore helpless before Yahweh. A broken will appears weak as it has no strength. A broken will has run into the crushing force of Yahweh's strength and submitted to his hand. A broken will will know Yahshua Messiah as Master. A broken will accompanies the holy spirit's dealings an manifests itsself in patience. A broken will means salvation for it's possessor. A broken will runs with the love for Yahshua, being unseperable campanions. A broken will is strong. He who overcomes.......

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