Recommonded Links  A shop run by friends in the faith, offering Maine-made wood products, herbs, and folk art  Fathers and Mothers Illustrating Love in Everyday Situations  Shema Yisrael Publications - Todd Bennett's website, publish of "Walk in the Light Series" which is highly recommended  Good articles on Hebrew roots, and well written, easy to understand  Ancient Hebrew Research Center  Institute for Scripture Research South Africa  Info on the Aramaic origins of the New Testament and online interlinear of the Aramaic Gospels and 1/2 of Acts  The Castillo family website and fellowship in Illinois  Yahweh's Nova Scotia Assembly - Elder Dave Ganton's website  Bible Sabbath Association  Exposes extra-biblical Christian customs stemming from ancient sun-worship  Articles on family roles, keeping Torah, the Hebrew Names, forums, and fellowship finder Publisher of the Aramaic-English New Testament  Scott Ley's ministry in Michigan  Non-Denominational website, info on Yahweh's Name, Sabbath, Feasts, local fellowship, new moon sightings, etc.  Family discipleship Ministries - Michael and Susan Bradrick  19 Kids and Counting  Above Rubies Ministry, Motherhood, Women's calling  Fourier Family Music Wonderful family and friends in TN, highly recommended  Homeschool Digest - The Magazine for Family Discipleship  And Encouraging Word Magazine for women  Evidences the literal 6-day Genesis account of creation  Betrothal, homeschooling, and conservative family values  Alpha Omega Publications (homeschool materials)  Christian Light Publications Homeschool materials  Michael and Debbie Pearl's Ministry in Cane Creek TN  Biblical manhood and the call to dominion  Online source for Rod and Staff Homeschool materials  Ephrata Christian Fellowship - Excellent info for families, especially the Godly Home Audio Series  Charity Christian Fellowship Sermon Ministry in Leola PA  Good child training materials from a conservative perspective  Norman Edwards Ministry at Port Austin Bible Campus in Michigan  The Seventh Day 5-part DVD series with Hal Holbrook  Nature Friend Magazine - Helping Children explore the wonders of Yah's Creation  A Voice for Eco-Agricuture  Countryside Magazine and Small Stock Journal  The original guide to living wisely *Lots of useful info, but use discernment*  US Naval Observatory Sunrise and Sunset Times  Our sister website  Your child can now illustrate their own professionally printed storybook through services offered by Thou Hast Ordained Praise  Matthew's Business Website (Lawn care in Central Maine)  Properties currently listed for sale that you may be interested in.
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Of course we don't necessarily endorse everything promoted on this list of suggested sites, so just use wisdom and righteous discernment when browsing them.

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